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by A Problem Like Maria

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Fire 03:45
Confessions of desire; walking on fire. Unecessary steps to lead me to your bed. Let yours and mine share the same space. Sweeter than wine; it's written on your face. Confessions of desire; walking on fire. Tonight I'm in your hands; submit to your demands.
Chillum 03:17
I'll be your anything. Let nothing else matter, baby. Leave your world behind, and come into mine. Let's play a game. For tonight you don't need to know my name. Sink or swim? Breathe the scent of my skin. Frustrations uncontained. Spell out your troubles with my pain.
Christopher 02:43
You'll never know how much I wanted you. You should have seen right on through my disguise. No hollow lies, no words to misconstrue. You'll never know how much I wanted you. You got the love that I was looking for. You'll never know how much I wanted you to be the one, to be last, to be the final prize. You roll the dice. You get what's coming at you. You'll never know how much I wanted you.
Last Time 04:23
Push me around and take me for granted. Broken and bound in your wake, and I'm daunted. I cover the bruises with a smile on my face. Lover, I didn't choose this but if I run will you give chase? Running away; is it gonna change anything? Running away; I'm thinking of running away (again). It's not hard to see that what we have is deteriorating. It's fear and not love that threatens to keep my heart racing. I've gone and I've worked myself into this fever pitch. Lover, this is the last time you'll hurt me and call me a bitch. Uncover the bruises so everyone can see. No, I didn't choose this; and now I choose to break free. This is the last time.
Petrichor 03:26
In the burning heat; turning gray, growing weak, fading away from thirst. Death may come to claim us first; and only you, only you, only you can break this curse. (Only you, only you.) Parting skies, bid their goodbyes. We are all but ready to die, when your tears fall to the dirt. Death will come to claim us first; but flowers you bring, flowers you bring will spring from the earth.
Just a phase, just something to regret; sometimes I wish that we had never met. Too good to be true, too true to be good. Said you'd never hurt me, but you knew you would. And I get it, get it; and I'm glad it's over. Don't you get it, get it? Talk to me when you're sober. You keep calling, calling, calling; Calling me darling, darling, darling. Used to me falling, falling for you; But it's not gonna work this time. Just a taste, just a foot in the door; Thought you were the whole world but there was more. Sick of being tired, tired of being sick. I should have seen that you were just a dick.
She sighs ever sadly. Everybody passes her by. She thinks, "If they just got to know me; If they just stopped a while..." There's a world of love and caring behind those big brown eyes. And when she smiles, radiant like the sun. And when she smiles, you'll know she's the one. who's gonna steal your heart away. I'd steal their hearts away.
Inadequacy 06:05
Complaining is one thing, but nothing is good enough for you. The moment I fix something, you point out the things I didn't do. Too quiet, too spineless, too meek and too shy; or too bold, too careless. Too many questions why I'm too spoiled, too selfish, too many instances too few. You're too proud and nothing is good enough for you. Then I'm misplaced, only with the purest of intentions. Leaves a bitter taste lingering when you mention (that I'm) Trying to be everything you want me to be. Struggling to see the good in you that no one else sees.
Best Friend 03:12
Silly, we were. Next door neighbors; we shared secrets and stayed up all night. You're my best friend.


DUE TO INSISTENT PUBLIC DEMAND I have changed the artist attributions on Bandcamp so that the main artist credit goes to me (A Problem Like Maria) for every track. This is (I've been told) to make it easier for everyone to find the entirety of LAGNIAPPE all in one go quickly on their portable music players.

The correct attributions remain unchanged, and are listed below and within the liner notes accompanying the download.


released January 20, 2013

Main artist/s: Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack (feat. A Problem Like Maria)
Arrangement, music and production by Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack

Main artist/s: MaximilliaN (feat. A Problem Like Maria)
Arrangement, music and production by MaximilliaN

Main artist/s: Viktor Disque (feat. A Problem Like Maria)
Arrangement, music and production by Viktor Disque
Originally an instrumental remix of "Christine" by New Motive Power

"Last Time"
Main artist/s: Wandering Mayor (feat. A Problem Like Maria)
Arrangement, music and production by Wandering Mayor

Main artist/s: StratosFear (feat. A Problem Like Maria)
Arrangement, music and production by StratosFear

"When You're Sober"
Main artist/s: mattir (feat. A Problem Like Maria)
Arrangement, music and additional vocals (phone call) by mattir
Mix and production by KLV

"Neon Signs at 4AM"
Main artist/s: Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack
Arrangement, music and production by Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack

"Steal Your Heart"
Main artist/s: Mascara Hera & A Problem Like Maria
Arrangement, production and additional vocals by Mascara Hera
Music by Mascara Hera and A Problem Like Maria

Main artist/s: Almost Technicolor (feat. A Problem Like Maria)
Arrangement and music by Almost Technicolor
Production by Almost Technicolor and Rekapper

"Best Friend"
Main artist/s: Nemo Hose
Arrangement, music and production by Nemo Hose

All lyrics, vocal melodies and vocal performances by A Problem Like Maria; except when otherwise noted in "When You're Sober" and "Steal Your Heart." Refer to the liner notes for further credits. Mastered by Rekapper and released with the help of the good people of the Hai and Gentle Whale.


The Hai

Gentle Whale:


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